Business plan with two main objectives:

1: Intermediares for soccer players from Vest Africa and Europe with the dream of a professional career.

 2: Scouting for professional soccer clubs looking for players with qualities to fit the style of play for the team

Our values both in the company and among employees are:

Honesty - Care - Loyalty    

All players with legal contract with The Soccer Agent will be prioritized. It is not in our interest to sign as many soccer players as possible

Promises to all our players on legal contract with The Soccer Agent:
You are our focus – not the possibility of our profit. We negotiates the best conditions for you – not for us.

Promises to teams
If desirable, we assist with human relations. If desirable, we assist in challenges due to foreign language cultures.

Building the bridge between sales and market in Europe

Managing Director and soccer agent. Responsible for marketing players to clubs in Europe. Responsible for contract signing with European soccer teams.  Contact person for soccer teams and agents.
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Espen Trippestad
Marketing soccer-players from West Africa to soccer teams in Europe

Scout and responsible of analysis of young players wanting to have success in Europe. Responsible for networking against soccer teams in Europe. Expert on cultural differences.
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badara Gueye
Gives soccer players from West Africa opportunities in Europe

Chief scout and agent for soccer players from West Africa. Advising and negotiations with the different national soccer federations in West Africa. Organizer for all the practicalities around audition (visa, air-plane tickets and more. Responsible for accommodation, transportation and interpreting service. 
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- Our The Valu of relationships -
Our success is based on great nettwork of soccer teams and coaches wich provides talented players. And coaches and scouts from European soccer teams looking for talented players. The Soccer Agent connects  players and teams. 


The visa-process is a challenge. With our experience and network we help both players and teams with the VISA-process and the paperwork.

Network in West Africa

In West Africa we have a network of coaches in the top league and talent-acedemies. We have sssociates in the different national soccer federations and contacts at the embassy helping us with the VISA application.

Network  in Europe

In Europe we have a broad network of professional teams in Scandinavia. For the rest of Europe we cooperate with other agents and scouts. With our network we are abel to help both players and professional teams.



With a great network in West Africa we are in a position where we can offer scouting for professional teams. Ask us for players with special qualities or players to fit in the teams way of playing style. We wil use our network and provide the team with players to choose among – ready for trial.


Soccerplayers with great skills and the attitude of a proffesional ask us to help them with a professional career in Europe. The Soccer Agent AS sometimes also take contact with players with skills we know teams in our network is interested in.

care for each player

We want players who thrive in the new club and the community. We have experts on cultural differences which assists allowing the player easily enters the new environment both on and off the field.

Partners who our work!



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    Co-operates with osteopath
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    Represent 14 players
  • New cooperation agreement
    New cooperation agreement

Co-operates with osteopath

The soccer Agent and Fasia have come to an agreement. Fasia will give professional medical treatment, assessment, physiotherapy and osteopathy to our players. We are proud to annonunce this mutual agreement with osteopath and physical therapist, Fredrik Marthiniussen. Read more on

Represent 14 players

The Soccer Agent AS are proud and humble to represent 14 players. The players  come from Senegal, Spain, Gambia, France, Italy and Norway.  We have players with different qualities and experience. From young players too more experienced players. What connects them together is that they represent their country at national level and that they want the help from The Soccer Agent AS to make their...

New cooperation agreement

The Soccer Agent AS and Extra Time Sport has agreed to a cooperation agreement. An agreement for a mutual benefit for both soccer-players and soccer-teams in Scandinavia. After education and experience in Scandinavia the players have acquired skills to have success in other European leagues.

With the cooperation with Djilly our players will get the opportunity to take the next step in their professional career - to the top leagues in Europe. Extra Time Sport and Djilly Dieng is a well known scout and agent with a  large network of soccer teams in Europe. Especially in England and Premier League and Championship, France and Turky. With this cooperation the players of The Soccer Agent AS can plan their career with us in a long term perspective  .